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Machete # Forum Rules

Post by Aron on Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:38 am

§1 General

§1,1 Username

- flame usernames are forbidden .
- don't copy a username (example, Darklight123).
- username with a /link/ip/e-mail/phonenumber/fax are forbidden.

§1,2 Private Messages (PM)

- don't show a pm in the Forum.
- don't use pm for illegal thing.
- don't use pm for advertising.

§1,3 Signatur

- flame signatures are forbidden.
- don't make more than 1 pic/gif/video on your signature.
- signatures with a ip/e-mail/phonenumber/fax are forbidden.

§2 Content

§2,1 Proper Content

- illegal contents are forbidden.
- racist contents are forbidden.
- pornographic contents are forbidden.

§2,2 Spam

- needless posts are forbidden.
- doubled posts (or more) are forbidden.

§2,3 Flame

- posts with offend content are forbidden.
- posts with provoke content are forbidden.
- posts with insult are forbidden.
- posts with racism content are forbidden.

§2,4 Language

- only the language "english" is allowed.
- write with a understandable english, translation tools are forbidden.
- don't write only with numbers or special characters.

§2,5 Behavior

- don't behave like a Administrator/Moderator.
- have a good behavior, be friendly.
- obey Administrators, don't start a discuss.
- don't write too much memes.

§3 Profile

- every person is only allowed to have one account not more.
- only Admins can ban you.

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